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Our Experience

Hidden amongst the vines of our Eliza vineyard, cantilevered out across the incredible landscape of the Kawarau River and looking out to the mountains beyond, our cellar door is the perfect way to experience Te Kano.

This welcoming space invites you to linger on the terrace surrounded by our collection of beautiful artworks. Our cellar door also offers a unique opportunity to sample our craft. Small batch and single vineyard wines, often exclusively available to wine club members, are also available here.

Our Cellar Door is open between the hours of 10:30am to 4:30pm Thursday- Monday. Closed Tuesday - Wednesday.

Closed Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Christmas Day

Home: 03 928 6951

You’ll find our cellar door at 92 Felton Road, among some of New Zealand’s most highly regarded Pinot Noir vineyards.

The duality of Central Otago

Stark, rugged and powerful are words most often used to describe the unique landscapes of Central Otago. The region is renowned for its snow-capped mountains, these towering sentinels feeding crystal clear alpine lakes through searing summers and freezing winters.

There is also a softer side to our home, be it the delicacy of an alpine flower sheltering on the valley floor or the burst of Kōwhai blossoms amongst shattered rock and mine workings. Our Central Otago lifestyle celebrates both sides in good measure, bringing together the power and fragility that define our land.

The Architecture

Some buildings simply feel like they belong in their environment, as if they have been somehow grown rather than made.

The award winning design of our cellar door creates that feeling. Here a weathered steel and untreated timber exterior gives way to a luxurious and polished interior, capturing the unique blend of raw power, natural complexity and refined sophistication that defines Central Otago and our wines.

Local architectural firm Mason and Wales delivered on the brief to highlight the beauty of the surrounding environment while staying true to our vision of a sustainable project. Using repurposed shipping containers to cantilever the building from the existing landform, along with untreated external materials and sustainable interior fittings, they created a bold statement which has won acclaim from competition judges and visitors alike.

Now locally sourced native plantings grow around the new structure, joining our iconic Kōwhai trees to nourish the native birds and bees in the area.


Our commitment to conservation includes cultural preservation, an ethos that has inspired the curation of New Zealand artworks in our cellar door space.

Onslow Country - Grahame Sydney 2021. Almost half way between the East and West Coasts of the southern South Island, in the high, dry uplands of Central Otago between the Maniototo Plans and the Teviot Valley, this tussock landscape hosts few visitors, and no tourists : it is considered too remote, too raw, too lacking in the grandeur of alps and fiords; but it is magnificent in its vastness and its silence. This is what one comes across on the dusty gravel road to Lake Onslow - a territory almost overlooked and forgotten, still much the same today as when the first human eyes gazed upon it, and wondered what lay beyond its faraway margins. 

Paul Dibble’s sculpture reflects on the natural environment and the damage inflicted upon it at the hand of man. Native fauna and flora are especially prominent in his work, as seen here with Tui and Kowhai.

Still Life with Kōwhai and Araucana Eggs is instantly recognisable to a New Zealand audience. This arrangement of simple but symbolic objects from past and future, wrapped in a softly lit luminous beauty, is photographer Fiona Pardington’s signature.

Felicity Jones and Mark Smith’s collaborative project, Introducing Kowhai, is an on going exploration around the history of global botanical travel. Referencing the Kowhai specimens transported to England on Captain James Cooks return from the Pacific, Smith and Jones hope to contribute to the stories of our past, both positive and negative, and join the discussion around the protection of our natural heritage.

Our long term
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Central Otago.

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