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Truly a Blend of Otago | 2022 Te Kano Riesling

Truly a Blend of Otago | 2022 Te Kano Riesling


The 2022 Te Kano Riesling is a true blend of Otago comprising two parcels of fruit from our Northburn and Waitaki vineyards.


Riesling from Northburn | Clone 198-19

Grown on pure schist soils, in a very windy, exposed, and high-altitude site that is approximately 350m above sea level. Very small wines with a lot of fruit exposure, the flavour profile tends towards the tropical spectrum with ripe stone fruit 




Riesling from Waitaki | Clone 239

Grown on alluvial silts over a limestone base, very fertile, low altitude and sheltered – climate here has much more maritime influence. Larger vines and bunches, completely unirrigated during the growing season – flavour spectrum tends towards citrus, wet stone and green apple.



Both blocks were harvested on the same weekend, with the fruit crushed and left on its skins to extract additional flavour, drop some of the very high natural acidity, and develop texture. The fruit was pressed and cold settled before a very long and cold fermentation.


The wine has naturally high acidity, and I wanted to retain this while balancing it with residual sugar to keep it light and refreshing. The flavour profile shows a medley of citrus including mandarin, lemon and lime, along with stone fruit and some tropical notes. It enters with lovely fruit sweetness, with an acid line and chalky minerality taking it through to the finish.


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